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Information - Nika Demands a Blowjob Gang Bang!

Nika Demands a Blowjob Gang Bang!
35:53 min
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  • ___________ :my goonerbator cock is so fucking horny

    • August 2 at 4:47pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :I first met Nika when she did I have great respect for her because she came to me on short notice....ON HER BIRTHDAY! It's true! She was out celebrating with friends and got the call for work. She had no problem coming over to visit me and celebrate my way. Love her!

    • April 2 at 11:53pm •

  • gagonmydick :She is well sexy.

    "Nice one"

    I vote more cum as well

    • November 27 at 4:42pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Glad you guys enjoy Nika's performance. I like her very, very much. Johnny Fender did a great job shooting this one.

    • September 7 at 6:15pm •

  • Guzzle :This is a fabulous scene in so many ways, mostly though its Nika's sheer enjoyment of the spurting cocks. I love how she reaches up to each one after he's shot his load and milks out his last drops and licks them off. The last guy, who gives the biggest load, get short changed here in Nika's eagerness to taste her glass of sperm though. The annointing of her tits is just a bit of extra delight.

    • September 6 at 3:24am •

  • Guzzle :Great scene Nika, Great scene Brandon! Oh there is enough sperm for my taste, hope there is for Nika's.

    • September 6 at 3:14am •

  • sufy :would be good with lots of men cumming in glass! still a good scene.

    Thanks BI

    • September 5 at 10:01pm •

  • alteajane :good work brandon, like the update!

    • September 5 at 8:37pm •

  • Zexx :This is a very hot update, thanks !
    Not enough sperm for my taste, but it's better than nothing =D

    I miss the big big loads like the ol'timers.

    • September 5 at 7:48pm •