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Take One, Take Two; and Both a Wrap
45:26 min
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  • wwarr :Not nice to see someone shouted at

    • August 7 at 7:05am •

  • Iron_Brandon :brizio: Nataly has one of the most beautiful faces I've seen. Stunning.

    sidviscous: The results are mixed. When I've shot in Los Angeles, I can communicate with the girls and feel them out in subtle ways that I cannot do when I've shot in europe. I'm pretty awkward with women in general but having a good sense of humour goes a long ways. If you don't speak the same language, things can remain in the awkward stage.

    • June 21 at 11:45pm •

  • sidviscous :hey brandon, i have to say i'm surprised at what you said below about lacking charisma, one of the reason you're my favourite director is that i've always felt you have a good rapport with the girls, which makes it seem like they're comfortable in their environment and enjoying themselves (some more than others, obviously). would you say i'm wrong about this?
    keep up the excellent work by the way, if there's no more room for you in the industry then there's something seriously wrong somewhere.

    • June 2 at 7:44pm •

  • brizio :very lovely girl . i touch me many time on see her.
    good new girl. many cum on her!

    • June 1 at 7:06pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :bukkakefreak: Please contact tech support and they will help you. I'm the content provider and have no control over issues like this. Wish I could help but it's not soemthing I can do. Please get in touch with the network and they will solve it.

    • May 27 at 12:55pm •

  • bukkakefreak :brandon help.i have downloading trobles.i cant download this.i see words which one told me i should upgrade my membership.whats wrong?i am a full member.please help me

    • May 25 at 3:21am •

  • Iron_Brandon :lordvalefar: The "bad one" was just a rocky finish. Not a big deal and I appreciate that Nataly came back for a second round. I felt she did much better the second time around.

    RE: pics. Not sure what pics you want posted. There are pics of Nataly at the blog at Now the scene is posted. She will appear in an upcoming volume of SHE IS HALF MY AGE. That's about it. Thanks and enjoy!

    • May 24 at 10:11pm •

  • lordvalefar post pics of her ;)

    • May 24 at 6:39pm •

  • lordvalefar :I didn't see a difference between the "bad one" and the "good one". Not a big quantity of semen in the two :( maybe your male performers should have to stop masturbating...
    However, nataly is a wonderful girl.

    • May 24 at 6:36pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :I love her to death. Sadly, though, I don't have the charisma of Rocco Siffredi or Manuel Ferrara. The girls tolerate me. That's the kindest way of putting it. For me, though, I would die to eat Nataly's butt for breakfast every day.

    • May 24 at 3:00am •

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